PAINTERLY PLANTS: Learn to paint with Adobe Fresco by Anna Kuvarzina

PAINTERLY PLANTS: Learn to paint with Adobe Fresco

Learn the exact process of drawing lifestyle plant illustrations on your iPad with an illustrator Anya Kuvarzina, represented by the Bright Agency.

Master new Adobe Fresco skills with this step-by-step digital painting workshop.

Join me for a step-by-step walkthrough of my illustration process.

I am always looking for the most efficient and fun ways to create digital artwork. I have developed unique Adobe Fresco workflows which I want to share with you.


Join me for approachable and easy-to-follow tutorial where I share all the tips behind my illustration style. 

  • Learn the exact Fresco brushes and tools used to create a professional illustration of painterly plants
  • Get expert drawing tips as taught in UK’s leading art universities 
  • Practice Apple Pencil control with a bespoke stroke practice sheet

What you will learn:

  • Where to find great reference for plant illustrations
  • How to use Fresco vector and raster brushes
  • How to set up and export your files for print
  • How to paint inside layer
  • How to use layers
  • How to create painterly effect by mixing dark and light tones
  • How to use opacity settings
  • and a lot more!

What's included?

File Icon 12 files Text Icon 3 text files


Getting started
Very important introduction
List of great reference sources
492 KB
How to work with reference
Ways to trace an image
Practice brush strokes and Apple Pencil control
Brush strokes practice sheet.jpg
819 KB
Tonal painting exercise
My favourite botanical illustrators
Bonus! 7 ready-to-use colour palettes
Importing and saving colour palettes
Greenery Pantone 1.png
495 KB
Greenery Pantone 2.png
489 KB
Greenery Pantone 3.png
160 KB
1. STYLE ONE // Painterly cut-outs Adobe Fresco tutorial
Setting up the file for print
The tutorial
Exact brushes to create this drawing

About Anya

After quitting her job as an illustration tutor in one of the leading UK creative universities, Anya built a portfolio and got signed by the Bright Agency. 

Anya has worked on book projects with clients like Penguin Random House, Scholastic, Egmont, Weldon Owen etc 

The books she illustrated were featured in Glamour Magazine, Daily Mail, The Sun, The Sunday Times, ITV News, The Guardian and Evening Standard. 

Who is this workshop for?

You want to experiment with Adobe Fresco but unsure where to start.
Do you find the amount of brushes and features overwhelming? In this walkthrough tutorial you will gain confidence in using a curated set of new Fresco brushes.

You want to figure out how to create a popular painterly style of illustration fast.
You love a certain style that you have seen on Instagram but not sure exactly what brushes to use to re-create it? I will share the exact brush settings to make this illustration.

You want to create a professional looking illustration without days of sketching.
Are you fed up with people telling you that you need to spend many hours doing a sketch before continuing to the final artwork? I will show you ways of creating good illustrations quickly, minimum prep time required!

Are you ready to join me?

Yes! Let's do this


What equipment do I need?

You will need an iPad or other tablet with Adobe Fresco installed.
Please note that this particular workshop is using brushes which are not included into free Adobe Fresco subscription. However, you can also follow this workshop using free Adobe Fresco brushes. I included a video with free brush substitutions if you haven't got a subscription already.

Is it for beginners?

You can absolutely follow this workshop even if you are complete beginner. I provided detailed explanations and practice videos making it suitable for all levels.

How long do I have access for?

You will get lifetime access to the workshop and free future updates.