FIND YOUR STYLE Drawing bootcamp by Anna Kuvarzina

FIND YOUR STYLE Drawing bootcamp

Boost your drawing skills with this 5 weeks long drawing course. Including 5 live webinars and tons of contemporary drawing tips and techniques aimed at improving your style.

A course to help you find your style

When I first started to draw I was terrified. I hated the way my drawings looked and I envied people who seemed to draw so effortlessly. With years of training and teaching drawing in the leading art colleges I learned the tools that can help you find your own drawing language.
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Anybody can draw!

We all enjoy drawing as children, because in reality EVERYBODY can draw. 
As we grow up, we get conditioned to judge drawings as "good" or "bad", which stops us from exploring our drawing language freely. 
During the course we will work with your beliefs about drawing and use proven methods to trick your mind to draw better.

Giving structure to your drawing practice

I know it can be hard to stick to a consistent drawing practice. That's why I created a structured schedule and will be checking your progress weekly to get you results. I will also give every student personal feedback during a feedback session.
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I am an absolute beginner, can I join?

This course is perfect for beginners and also people who have studied academic drawing and wish to "loosen up" traditional drawing style. 

What materials will I need?

I will send you a list of materials weekly but it will mostly be a range of drawing tools that everybody has in their disposal in their house: markers, pens, pencils etc

I work full time, will I have time to draw?

I know what it's like to work full time having to carve out time for creative work. I will encourage you to do a little drawing every day, even if it is a 10 minute session during a lunch break. You won't have to spend hours doing the drawing tasks.

Will I learn to draw face, hands, proportions, perspective etc?

This course is not an academic drawing course. I will not be teaching you a "proper" way to draw human body or an animal. Instead, my aim is to give you the tools to express yourself through drawings. You will end up being able to draw anything. But don't expect a traditional lesson on tones and proportions.

About Anya

After quitting her job as an illustration tutor in one of the leading UK creative universities, Anya built a portfolio and got signed by the Bright Agency. 

Anya has worked on book projects with clients like Penguin Random House, Scholastic, Egmont, Weldon Owen etc 

The books she illustrated were featured in Glamour Magazine, Daily Mail, The Sun, The Sunday Times, ITV News, The Guardian and Evening Standard.